What We Do


SCUV offers a range of housing options that meet the needs of each individual, as they go through their recovery processes..

Case Management

Our Case Management team provides individual assessment and recovery plans for each Veteran in our programs.


In addition to assisting our Veterans to identify, build and develop employable skills, we also help them to train for, apply and gain stable employment, as key component of their own long term stability.

Dwyer Veterans Peer Support Project

Open to any Suffolk County Veteran of any era, the Dwyer Veterans Peer Support Project takes a confidential, one-on-one, peer-to-peer approach that has rapidly captured the attention and support of both Veterans and mental health professionals statewide and across the nation.

Food Pantries

Open to anyone within the Veterans community of Suffolk County, our food pantry is part of our commitment to ensuring that Veterans do not go homeless or hungry.

Crisis Respite

We offer a 24-hour, peer-supported Crisis Respite and support services program for Veterans who are experiencing risk symptoms.

Supportive Services

Serving Veterans and their families, our SSVF Program helps them to develop and grow the skills they will need to remain self-sufficient.

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